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10 August 2010 @ 11:11 am
Please be sure to read the rules found on the profile of the community. Chances are your questions are answered there.

Can more than one person have the same claim at the same time?
Yes, absolutely. Claims aren't exclusive, but there will be a cap of 5 members who can have the same claim.

Can I post icons for the past themes?
No. That goes against the point of the community! You're supposed to make a different icon daily. For time-zones sake the prompts are open for 48 hours. So basically, you have two days to enter each. For example: you may post an icon for theme #25 as long as theme #27 is not up.

May I submit more than one icon per claim?
No. You may submit only one icon for each theme. You are allowed to make some alternations for your journal, of course, but they won't count towards your total.

Do I have to make an icon post?
It is strongly suggested, but not obligatory. And it doesn't have to be available right away, so feel free to take your time.

I have two claims. Do I have to post two icons for each theme?
No. You only make one icon per claim. Any extras, of course, can go in your icon journal.

How do I interpretate the theme? Should I explain to the mod, how my icon relates to it?
Nope. Themes, unless specifically stated, are open to your interpretation.

Can I ask for an extension of my claim?
Well, seeing as how you do have one year to finish the batch of 100, an extension really shouldn't be necessary. However, if you feel that you absolutely need one, contact one of the maintainers and we'll talk :)

Why aren't certain genres/subjects allowed?
That is at the discretion of the head maintainer (sweetrapture82) because of the communities such as disney365days and fandom365days I really didn't think it was necessary, or needed, to allow for other genres or subject matter. Honestly, I think there's more than enough with the three genres featured here.

If you have any further questions/comments/concerns that have not been answered here, in the claims post or in the rules; don't hesitate to ask. We want this community to be user friendly to our members :)