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scifi365's Journal

One Year of Icons (or something to that effect)
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The concept of scifi365 was borrowed from iconaday and disney365days, only our focus is on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural (it was just easier to put in scifi). This is not an elite community by any means and anyone is welcomed to join and participate.

The purpose of the community is to make 100 themed icons of any subject (within reason) of your choice from one of the three genres in 365 days. Claims can be as broad or as specific as you would like, just see the claims post for further clarification.

Themes will be posted every 48 hours (give or take), just like you, the mod's do have lives outside of LiveJournal (strange, but true.). Themes will vary, but we will try to keep them open enough so that everyone can participate if they so choose.

Claims are not exclusive, but there will be around a five member limit per claim.

At this time, you may claim as many subjects as you think you an handle.

It is highly recommended that you friend and/or put notifications on for the community so you can keep up to date. There are only two people posting and we promise that we won't spam you.


All icons must meet the standard LJ format (100x100 or less, under 40kb) and newly made for the challenge. No animation allowed.

Submitting someone elses work is cheating and it's wrong. Just don't do it. This also applies to manipulations. It must be 100% your own work. Fanart is not allowed UNLESS you have obtained proper permission from the original artist.

If you are snagging an icon, ask the icon maker first.

If you would like to comment to an icon, feel free but be nice and be courteous.

Your icons do not have to be from consecutive posts. You may skip as many themes, as you wish.

You may join us at any time, but if the theme of the day when you join is #25, your claim would begin at #25. You can't go back and make icons for previous themes.

You can NOT go back and do past themes and have those count towards your total. You may do them as extras in an icon post but they well NOT count towards your total of 100.

In order for your icons to count towards the 100, you must comment to the theme post made by one of the mods.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you set up a table in your own icon journal to keep track of your icons.

Make sure your claim is approved by a mod before replying to a theme post.

You have 100 to 365 days to finish your claim. Note, the sooner you complete it, the higher you'll be in our Hall Of Fame post. All participants will receive a banner for their hard work.

Mods/Maintainers are the only ones who require posting access. Unless you are invited to become a mod/maintainer- do NOT ask for posting access.


MOD: sweetrapture82 (Main)

MOD: revivingophelia (Co)

MOD: moonshinefaerie (Back-Up)


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>> Claims Post

>> FAQ